GAËLLE MOURRE | Writer & Director

Gaëlle, a graduate from the London Film School´s MA in Filmmaking, works as a Freelance Director and Editor in London and also works with international productions, all the while writing and preparing her next projects.

She grew up in Singapore and London, and attended school in the French, English, American and Spanish systems. Through this and her travels, Gaëlle experienced a wealth of different mind-sets, which, along with her BA degree in Art History and Spanish Literature, inform her storytelling through film.

Gaëlle Mourre seeks to explore various alternative worlds through her stories, always asking the question, "what if?". She aims to bring to the screen stories that will impact their audience and give them food for thought.

Awakening is Gaëlle´s first short fiction piece. She previously directed two short documentaries and is now preparing her next short fiction film, "The Feast".



Daniel Michalos was born in 1977 in Berlin and spent half of his childhood and adolescense in Germany and the other half in Thessaloniki, Greece. After finishing high school he obtained degrees in Engineering and Media Science before he started to get involved in theatre work. In Tübingen he worked as a lighting technician, actor, assistant director and director on various plays at the Brechtbautheater and the Landestheater Tübingen. They plays he has staged include Five Women wearing the same dress (Alan Ball), The Maids (Jean Genet), Antigone (after Jean Anouilh and Ioannis Ritsos) and Closer (Patrick Marber). While working as a consultant in the industry and staging plays he also worked on several short films. Since 2012 he is taking the craft of filmmaking further with an MA at the London Film School, where he has produced two and edited another two grad films. He is currently preparing his own grad film which is bound to be shot in December in Berlin, Germany.

ANAÏS LORIÉ | Director of Photography

Anaïs is a passionate cinematographer who thrives in the creative and collaborative environment on set. She graduated from the London Film School where she specialised in cinematography. She has used her time at the LFS to develop her technical skills and attention to detail in all forms of visual filmmaking.
Anais has worked on over 60 projects parallel to her studies, from music videos to short films and has built an instinctive understanding of the mechanisms that make a production fluid and efficient. Her flair for visual storytelling motivates her approach to composition, lighting and camera movement to naturally enhance the script in unison with the director’s vision.

JONATHAN HILLSON | Production Designer

Jonathan works and lives in London. A practicing artist creating video art looking at the old masters with a lean towards the tenebrist style, he also works as a production designer on films, music and promotional videos. He enjoys the projects where imagination and creativity are the main points of focus and engagement.